House # Street Name
Enter a house number and street name

Zoned School information will appear here once you have selected an address from the address tab.

IB school will be here.
Magnet schools will be here.
Career school will be here.
AICE/Cambridge school will be here.
Version1.2 (2023 Apr 18)
Mapping Engine BING
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Release Information
1.2   2023 Apr 18   Bedford
  • Click year in app header to display options tab
1.1f   2023 Apr 14   Bedford
  • Requery zoning table when school year is changed if an address is currently selected
1.1e   2023 Apr 6   Bedford
  • Add school year parameter to getZonedSchools
  • Handle spaces and nulls in grade specific zoning columns
1.1d   2023 Feb 24   Bedford
  • Show the currently selected zoning school year in header
1.1c   2022 Oct 28   Bedford
  • Detect misplaced directional indicator and adjust search parameters
1.1b   2022 Sep 14   Bedford
  • Add distinct styling for the three address parts in search list
1.1a   2022 May 25   Bedford/Steorts
  • Handle grade level school zone exceptions
  • Added config tab and school year selector
  • Ability to view zoning by school year
  • copy address to clipboard when clicked
1.0n   2022 Mar 11   Bedford
  • Map Other schools when the Other tab is clicked.
1.0m   2022 Mar 4   Bedford
  • Adding tabs to the Other tab for IB, Magnet, Career, and AICE
  • Refactor to get all school information in a single call
  • Adding Cambridge Program (AICE) to other schools
  • Focus on address input field on page load
  • Removed data server names from the info tab
1.0l   2022 Feb 8   Bedford
  • Discontinue use of t_MailingC_AdjustedForDups
1.0k   2021 Nov 10   Bedford
  • Added Focus Address Entry Tips in the Info tab
1.0j   2021 Nov 4   Bedford
  • use vZONING_dups view to better handle duplicate addresses
  • Try 101 7TH as proof of change
1.0i   2021 Nov 4   Bedford
  • turn off feature implemented in 1.0f re JPV and Eloise
  • show zone on address selection list mouse hover
1.0h   2021 Nov 2   Bedford
  • add zipCode to page load parameters to use in street lookup from the Address Research tool
1.0g   2021 Oct 12   Bedford
  • allow houseNbr and streetName as page load parameters
1.0f   2021 Oct 6   Bedford
  • Special consideration for JPV and Eloise
1.0e   2021 Sep 30   Rodriguez
  • Show PolkPA Parcel#
1.0d   2021 Aug 11   Bedford
  • Use colors from PCSB branding pallete
1.0c   2021 Aug 10   Bedford
  • Alert user when their address may have already been found and they continue to type address.
  • Make zipcode street search tool a user selectable option
  • Removed Google mapping option
1.0b   2021 Aug 9   Bedford
  • Use second word in street name, if entered.
1.0a   2021 Aug 5   Bedford
  • Added option for BING maps
  • Added method to switch mapping engine on info tab
  • Added History Log
BETA   2021 Aug 4   Bedford
  • Other schools tab for IB, Magnet, Career

The format and order of the street address components is vital to the success of address validation.

14 8TH ST NE
14 is the house # (no fractions)
8TH is the street name
ST is the street type
NE is the directional indicator

If there is a fraction, such as 1/2 in the house number, put that on line 2 of the address. Unit/lot/apt numbers should also be placed on line 2.

Do not abbreviate the city name. For example, use FORT MEADE instead of FT MEADE

Just the 5 digits. If the +4 are known, there is a separate entry field for that.

School Year

This control lists the available school years in the ZONING table. It will default to the current year, if possible.

Click on the current year in the above control to list the available school years.